MICROCOMP 2 tracklist:

1. N O W "Drone Of Dume"
2. Magick Orchids "<3 Trippers"
3. ParallaxScroll "Sleep Paralysis"
4. Laco$te "Calculus"
5. COP "Sugarbugg"
6. Halloween Swim Team "Antennaaa Boy" (Cardio Pulmonary RMX)
7. White Marsh "New Pines"
8. Bestial Mouths "Rotten In The Womb"
9. Pet Sex Rex "Do Not Sit On Fence"
10. Nothin' Natural "Grand Expectations"
11. Things "Subterraneanvelvetbuddyholly"
12. Stay Cool Forever "Gravalanche"
13. Michael Nhat & Kyle Souza "Self Help Books"
14. Ghost Hats - Black Easter"
15. Mothers Of Gut "Smoke The Master" (Dusty Clouds RMX)
16. Teenage Sweater "Waves"
17. Magical Mistakes "Something So Natural"

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